Cables in Sydney & Brisbane


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All data cabling Sydney including Multipair, screened RS422; low voltage pair copper 7020; red, black, blue, white, grey, orange, PVC core; 100VDC; 32VAC; CSDS,1p, 2p, 12p, 4p, 25p. CAT5E,CAT6 UTP; STP shielded Solid or Stranded twisted pair; Copper, Aluminium Polyester Laminate Foil; LAN Cable; Internal PVC CSDA; CSDAC, CAT6A; underground-CSDCAT; Gigabit Ethernet; PE; FTP CAT7 standards 568-A; 568-B

All coaxial cable types. RG series coaxial tv cable, tinned copper, RGB 75 ohm braid, RG 59, RG11, RG 58, RG 6 quad dual, RG 213 mil bare copper, CSRG Cable tv, flooded RG6, quad dual dielectric, alfoil shielded, underground braid copper

Your source for all Fibre Optics cabling. External single tube, multimode or Singlemode cable, nylon jacket CSFIB, multi-mode cable, mono tube optical central member, Sacrificial nylon jacket, jelly filled or dry Core, 6-48 core counts available, loose tube, internal riser, tight buffered yarn, CSFIB, LSZH

Everything you need in Security cables, figure 8, 7020, 14020, copper cable, PVC, V75, white, grey, brow large-collapsen wire, figure eight, f8, sheath, black, red, trace 24020, 32030, 16030, 26030, CSF8, CSSEC.

The full range of communication cables. Multi pair individual screened 8723 Equiv copper jumper wire, telephone cable 7025 red black green white cssec, cstel Telephone cable csteljump, internal pair pvc v75 copper 0.5 cream communication

We have large stocks of Overall and individually screened, triad/triples and intrinsically safe blue sheath copper overall screened pairs, LSZH free, pvc.3 Stranding 7030 7050 24020 also available SWA Instrumentation cables wire csint csin.

High quality flexible cables including Braided screened microphone cable, signal wire, audio, 7020, 16020, pvc v75- csmic

All auto electrical supplies such as Twin sheath automotive, black/red cores with Black over sheath, marine cable and trailer flex, tinned copper, csf8

Rubber cables for underwater and marine applications. Rub control remote multi-wire cables numbered, stranding copper, submersible pumps, black/white

All heat resistant flexible cabling for light and heavy industrial needs. Heat and fire proof cabling including; sil SIL, stranded hook up wires, heat resistant silicone flexible silflex gl cssil sil SIL stranded multicore SIL stranded sihf 0.75-1.5-1.0-4-6-10-16-cssil-

For fine control up to heavy applications such as wind turbines. Flex control cy series, class 5 flex control cable sy series 100, 110 series , white numbers Flex Lapp cable control olflex 110 without earth. Flexible kabel, csfl 4g iec 228, screened

Single core flexible cable for trades. Best single core flex, tinned copper wire, switchboards, electronic communication, allied equipment, cssc

For Arc welding and forklift batteries. Welding flexible cables, single or double insulated, NBR, power twin flex and motorised vehicles. csfltw cssd

All-purpose multicore copper pvc cable industrial and domestic, extension cord leads. AS3191 standard earth csfl

Power cable for Construction, Lighting and Automation. Orange circular swa steel wire armoured available. Building sub mains circuits, earth green yellow csbw

Fire Resistant and fire alarm Heavy duty wiring. Used in fire alarm detectors, OWS/EWIS panels, emergency lighting, class 6 rated 2 hour 2hr stranded copper csfirp csfir2 csfirc

All underground cable systems, Underground telephone cable, polyethylene, -black -100-2-10-pair –cstel. Lan category 5e/6 pair stp, utp and PE foil-screened. csdc, jelly-filled csdac, coaxial RG and figure 8 eight. Cored security 7020 14020 also available rat and termite proof

All Cable accessories. Utp patch leads cat5 cat5e cat6 category blue csplcat cat6e green, black, pink cable patch panels, managers, cscmp, csrj45, jacks, Velcro / cable ties, 24p 24 48, connector solid-stranded ctve

Optical fibre accessories, fibre optical patch-leads duplex simplex multi-mode, om1, om3 OS1-OS2, aqua, yellow, csst cslc cssc cable, Splice protectors & pigtails sc lc st Singlemode multimode fobot fibre tray couplers, splice protectors, sliding or fixed csfib cable

19 Inch wall mount rack . Wall cabinets both with rear swing and without, power rails fans both vertical & horizontal. Perspex doors, cable trays, pdu cswc

Free standing racks. Computer rack 600Deep 19-inch csfs power rails, fan tray, vertical/horizontal Power, 1000Deep, 1200mm Deep 42 ru or 45ru csfs

Data from ADC-Krone/AMP NETCONNECT, Siemon & Panduit , Clipsal, APC SOCOMEC and Delta UPS, CRS HALLAM B&R and Rittal cabinets.